Let’s be present with our despair.

We are called to pat attention to the dangers to our beloved Earth, and to the current harm. I know this leads me to feelings of despair. It seems many others of us reading here have similar feelings sometimes.

When I despair, I know the answer is to be present with the feeling – to look directly at my despair with clear eyes and and be aware of the specific reasons I feel this way. This week I felt despair when I considered the fate of so many beautiful Appalachian mountains.

I am also called to bracket and balance my feelings of despair, taking note of my gratitude as well.  I can and do consider the positive action steps I will take. If I wallow in the despair for long periods, without holding these other thoughts in balance, I have gone too far.

There is healing possible in this. However, we must face our despair directly, however difficult that may be.

Let’s be present with our despair.